Monday, March 23, 2009

D'Chimie performing on 18th April

D'chimie is performing at D Studio cafe at sri petaling this 18th of April and will be singing 5 song just for you all that have support us...


To get to Sri Petaling follow this map or just follow the route to Salak Selatan


Hope to see you all

Friday, March 13, 2009



d*chimie**logo created by taka (d*chimie**member)
(-_-) not yet in color.
CuTe (-_0)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

d*chimie performance at Groove in Motion II


HAHAHA~~ must watch this vid~~

D'chimie play live~

*still i wan the full and all the song we played*








picture of d*chimie** family, hope you guys/gals like it very bad show on that day....1st perform only.
Hopes see you guys next rock times
okey (-_0)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alice Nine - The Beautiful Name -

After The Realese of the track song RAINBOW

And Cross Game

Yet another song is realese and the song has touch many heart *Rinku fall in love with it*

Here is The Beautiful Name

Also check their Official Webpage

Also don't forget to buy ticket for

Groove in Motion ll

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Groove In Mation II

Groove In Motion is back to give you more great performances! This is a perfect chance for you to listen to different types of music and to witness the fruit of hard work each band has gone through to give u this memorable night!

Groove in Motion is brought to you by Terry, an experienced drummer for 17 years. He used to play for the band Mumster that is now known as Dropout.

Lots of surprises await you on Groove in Motion II. So be there, or be square!


Groove In Motion II
Date: 1st March 2009
Time: 4pm onward till end
Venue: 歌丽城 Launge Jalan 21/19, P.J. Seapark


Featured Band:
• Hybrid
• Armistice
• Zounds
• Zeolite
• Nao
• AsnaiveKiller
• D'Chimie

Kindly contact the person below for more information:
Joe 012-6737739
nicole 016-2318 899

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Founded at July/August 2008 by Jiro, Mikeru, and Yin. Soon after, met with Taka at December 2009 during comic fiesta. Yin then left the band in early January 2009 to focus on work, soon replaced by Rinku whom they met on9. Xiang was recruited in late January 2009 with the help "V". The name D'Chimie means "The Chemistry" in french. It represents what the band believes in. The chemistry amongst each other. The name was found by Jiro with Mikeru and Yin at Taman Caughnaut McDonald in December 2008